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What we do

We love technology and enjoy working on it

We are a tech company and love sharing our experience

Our years of experience guarantee that nothing is impossible for poseidwn tech. We love technology, we know it well and we want to share our know-how with you.


Smart Home

Smart home is one of our biggest areas of interest.

We have successfully completed a big number of complicated projects working with products from different manufacturers on different requirements. Smart home and home automation is always a challenge for us which we try get to the most of it.



KNX is the base for most of our smart home projects

Our portfolio includes some projects that we are really proud. We managed to enhance hotel KNX networks to a new level that provides tremendous flexibility and value. Our expertise apart from installation and setup includes also tailored visualization solutions for an over all control using iRidium mobile.



Networks is one of our cornerstones

When it comes to networks, either if it is wired or wireless network, we have the solution. We are partners with some of the most advanced network manufacturers that give us the flexibility to provide you the best and more suitable configuration for your needs.


Security systems

We take security really serious

Protect your family and property using the most advanced security systems. We have the solution for any problem using alarm systems, CCTV and security systems from the greatest and more reliable manufacturers.



We love gadgets and using then every day

Our passion for technology could not exclude gadgets. We use them every day, we buy new every day and we like sharing our experience via our YouTube reviews.



We have passion with coding.

Poseidwn Tech has strong competence on mobile and web development. During last years we have delivered several mobile apps and web applications using cutting edge technologies

Our expertise

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